Fraud Alert

Courier Fraud – Urgent information from West Mercia Police Fraudsters are back in action claiming to be from the police, banks and fraud squads in order to extort money from the vulnerable. There have been a couple of incidents in Hereford where couples in their eighties have been targeted. One man was conned into […]

Old school, Staunton on Wye


There has been a recent misunderstanding expressed in the Parish regarding the ownership of the old school in Staunton on Wye. I can assure you it is not owned either by the Parish Council or the Jarvis Trust. However as Clerk to the Parish Council I am in […]

Annual Canvass Update

Document here

The Annual Canvass and Canvass Reform 2020

The purpose of the Annual Canvass is to identify everyone who should be on the electoral register.

To download full information:


Waste Bin Problem

Staunton on Wye Village Hall Car Park

There has been considerable anxiety expressed over the last few weeks at the state of the rubbish bin in the Village Hall car park in Staunton on Wye. Unfortunately, even with the bin full people have continued to push rubbish in, to the point that waste […]

Staunton on Wye News


I am pleased to be the bearer of good news in respect of the telephone boxes in Staunton on Wye and in Monnington on Wye. It has been confirmed that both have now been successfully adopted by the Parish Council. The telephone equipment has been removed and the power into the boxes […]

Covid-19 Information Bulletin

For up-to-date information on a wide range of issues related to COVID-19 and its implications throughout our communities, in a convenient email format, subscribe here.

Playparks Remain Closed

From The Parish Clerk , Stephen Grist, 11 May 2020:

Good Morning ,

Following last night’s statement by the PM I felt it appropriate to seek guidance regarding the Staunton on Wye Playpark. I am passing on the advice that I have received following my e-mail in case anyone of you receives questions about […]

Volunteering Opportunities

VENNTURE are looking for volunteers. More information about their work also here and here.

Talk Community Covid-19 Update

The Talk Community Covid-19 response has received over 3000 telephone calls since the commencement of the service 7 weeks ago.  We have deployed over 40 council staff to support the telephony service and vulnerable people of Herefordshire and at its peak were receiving 180 calls a day.  The infrastructure has enabled over 1500 requests […]