Local Information

This section provides information about the parishes of Staunton-on-Wye, Brobury and Monnington.  This is not a formal function of the council but aims to provide useful information for local residents, visitors and others who are interested.


Staunton-on-Wye is a rural parish,  In 2010 the population was 410.  Staunton-on-Wye is the main village, located north of the river Wye and the A438 Hereford to Brecon road.  The rural hamlets of Letton, Monnington-on-Wye and Brobury are also in the parish.

The river Wye has Special Area of Conservation status and the parish overall benefits from a very high quality of environment with a mix of ancient forest, pasture, arable and apple orchards.

Staunton has a conservation area centred around the old village school with a number of listed buildings.  There are various buildings of special interest around the parish that are listed.

South of the A438 the population is more sparse and the scattered mediaeval settlement pattern with few houses more recent than the 19th century.  The road network (off the A438) consists largely of narrow lanes that limit potential for development.