Litter, fly tipping and how you can help

It seems that there is more and more litter and rubbish along roads and in many public places.  Staunton-on-Wye is lucky to have a beautiful setting and good quality local environment.

Of course, it is illegal and antisocial to throw rubbish away on the street, in the hedge, the woods or into a field.  It is dangerous to wildlife as well as depressing.  Most people don’t litter and are upset by seeing litter around the place.

Most litter gets picked up and disposed of by unsung volunteers – we appreciate their efforts and thank them.

Please try not to drop litter and if you can pick up litter you see safely and put it in the bin everyone benefits.

Fly tipping, deliberate illegal dumping of waste, is a real problem.  Often the waste comes from building works – and while it’s nice that someone offers to get rid of the waste it’s a false economy if it gets dumped around the corner.  It is dangerous, illegal and costs a fortune to pick up and deal with properly.  If you see fly tipped waste please report it to Hereford Council – here.

If you see fly tipping and are able to safely identify those doing it (for example by recording number plates) please report it to the police.