Planning is the responsibility of the County Council.

The parish council is notified of planning applications in our area.  Herefordshire Council lists the planning applications received each week here.

 We aim to update the website with new applications that are received affecting the Parish – however, as the planning authority it is the list maintained by Hereford Council that should be considered definitive.

Planning applications can be accessed via the Hereford Council website here.

Each application shows the relevant information including plans.  During the consultation period members of the public are invited to make any comments or representations to the council via the website.  The Parish Council would be pleased to be made aware of any comments or questions but remember that public comments should be submitted direct to Hereford Council.

The Local Plan

Over recent years the planning system has been significantly reformed.  A key change is the development of local or neighbourhood plans designed to reflect the views and wishes of the community.

Staunton-on-Wye group parishes developed their neighbourhood plan through a process including extensive consultation.  In April 2016 a referendum was held which approved the plan by a substantial majority (details can be found here).

The Neighbourhood Plan is an important document.  The local authority (Herefordshire) has to take account of the local plan in considering planning applications.  Staunton-on-Wye group parish council will use the plan to inform their responses to planning applications in the parish.

The plan will be reviewed after five years (ie by 2021), we expect to undertake consultations during the review, any feedback on issues that should be considered is welcomed.

Staunton-on-Wye’s Neighbourhood Development Plan 2014-2031 is here – Neighbourhood Plan Staunton

Supporting information can be found via the following links:

For more details about the Staunton on Wye Neighbourhood Plan, please contact us.

 The Core Strategy
The Herefordshire local plan was adopted in October 2015.  A key part of the local plan is the Core Strategy.  This provides the strategic framework for development in the county up to 2031.  It sets out policies as well as the safeguards and protections to ensure that social and environmental goals are met.
The Core Strategy documents can be found here