Annual Canvass Update

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The Annual Canvass and Canvass Reform 2020

The purpose of the Annual Canvass is to identify everyone who should be on the electoral register.

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Waste Bin Problem

Staunton on Wye Village Hall Car Park

There has been considerable anxiety expressed over the last few weeks at the state of the rubbish bin in the Village Hall car park in Staunton on Wye. Unfortunately, even with the bin full people have continued to push rubbish in, to the point that waste has spread around the car park. Clearly, particularly regarding circumstances around  Covid-19, this is unacceptable.

Arrangement has now been made for the emptying of the bin. Such arrangement has been made on the condition that the bin is NOT used for the disposal of dog faeces. If that happens then consideration will have to be given to the removal of the bin.

Can I ask for everyone’s co-operation in this matter?

Stephen Grist

Clerk : Staunton on Wye Group Parish Council

Staunton on Wye Playground

I am pleased to announce that as of 9am on Saturday 4 July the playpark in Staunton on Wye will be open following the recent lockdown. The re-opening is being undertaken by Staunton on Wye Group Parish Council following advice from Herefordshire Council who have in turn been advised by National Government. I have in turn read the advice contained within the document held on-line set out by the Ministry of Housing , Communities and Local Government.

There will be a sign on the front gate advising those who are about to use the playpark to maintain social distancing. Given that there are no staff controlling the playpark this clearly has to be left up to the discipline of users. However the current government advice to which I have access states “ 2 metres or 1 metre with risk mitigations ( where 2 metres is not viable ) are acceptable “.

The Government and local Council are advising parents to bring hand sanitiser gel or wipes to clean their children’s hands more often than usual, for 20 seconds using approved gel and foam sanitiser, particularly at the beginning and end of play.

Users of the equipment should not touch their faces and should cough or sneeze into a tissue or arm when a tissue is not available Adults and children should not put their mouths on equipment or their hands in their mouths.

The Parish Council is putting into effect the cleaning of the playpark equipment at touch points and those points on the gates. At the moment such cleaning will take place on a weekly basis which is likely to be carried out on a Saturday morning at approximately 9am.

At this point in time we are asking those using the playpark for the following assistance. Please be aware that the consumption of food or drink on play equipment is banned. Please try to ensure that your child behaves properly on the equipment provided. Please take home any rubbish that you may accrue during your visit to the playpark and do not leave it loose.

The opening of the playpark is coming at a period when much of the effects of Covid-19 are as yet unknown. The decision has been made by the Government advising the Local Authority that it is appropriate to open this playpark. However the Parish Council is mindful that circumstances may change and that closure of the playpark may be undertaken again.

If you have any queries please contact your local parish Councillor or myself as Clerk ( 07818 087255 ).

Stephen Grist

Clerk : Staunton on Wye Group Parish Council

Staunton on Wye Football Field


After consultation with Herefordshire Council I can confirm the football field in Staunton on Wye has been opened as of the 25 June at 9am.

Residents may be aware that the Prime Minister made a statement in the House of Commons earlier this week which stated that Playgrounds may be opened on the 4 July. As soon as the Parish Council receives a copy of that statement I will ensure that it is placed on this website. Until that time the Playground will remain closed.

May I thank residents for their co-operation in this matter.

Stephen Grist

Clerk : Staunton on Wye Group Parish Council

Staunton on Wye News


I am pleased to be the bearer of good news in respect of the telephone boxes in Staunton on Wye and in Monnington on Wye. It has been confirmed that both have now been successfully adopted by the Parish Council. The telephone equipment has been removed and the power into the boxes remains. Clearly there is a lot of work that needs to be undertaken to bring the boxes up to their former glory. The first being that the vegetation that is growing around and partially inside the boxes  needs to be cut back. Is there anyone out there that could volunteer to undertake this task. Obviously at a later stage I will be looking for cleaners and painters but we need to undertake this step by step. If you are interested please contact me directly on my e-mail address or my mobile 07818 087255.


Given the current situation in respect of Covid-19 it has been difficult for your Parish Council to conduct  business in anything approaching the usual manner. I have had to rely on ‘phone calls and e-mails and no face to face contact through the usual meetings. That has led to some misunderstandings as to what business the Parish Council is conducting and just what business it should be involved in. To clarify the situation I have spoken with the Chairman of the Parish Council and we have agreed that I communicate with villagers through the website and the Signal. That I keep you informed of those areas of business that the Parish Council is dealing with officially and that I am a contact point for anyone wishing to raise business with the Parish Council or to make comment. Can we see how that goes.


I know that local residents are incredibly grateful to Nick Price and to the staff at Oakchurch. Through their incredibly hard work people have been kept supplied with all their main requirements. I find it quite remarkable that all this has been achieved with amazing good humour on the part of Nick and his staff. So thank you all.

Stephen Grist

Clerk : Staunton on Wye Group Parish Council

Covid-19 Information Bulletin

For up-to-date information on a wide range of issues related to COVID-19 and its implications throughout our communities, in a convenient email format, subscribe here.

Playparks Remain Closed

From The Parish Clerk , Stephen Grist, 11 May 2020:

Good Morning ,

Following last night’s statement by the PM I felt it appropriate to seek guidance regarding the Staunton on Wye Playpark. I am passing on the advice that I have received following my e-mail in case anyone of you receives questions about access to the Playpark .

I can therefore confirm that the Playpark will remain closed until further notice. For more information, here.


Steve Grist

Clerk to Staunton on Wye Group Parish Council

Volunteering Opportunities

VENNTURE are looking for volunteers. More information about their work also here and here.

Talk Community Covid-19 Update

The Talk Community Covid-19 response has received over 3000 telephone calls since the commencement of the service 7 weeks ago.  We have deployed over 40 council staff to support the telephony service and vulnerable people of Herefordshire and at its peak were receiving 180 calls a day.  The infrastructure has enabled over 1500 requests for support for the most vulnerable people with the main areas of support continuing to be for supplies and medication collection.

The numbers of calls has significantly reduced to an average of 50 per day over the past few weeks, which indicates that the needs of the vulnerable are being met either in the communities, through the Talk Community response or within their own networks.   Over the past few weeks we have been planning for the next phase of the Talk Community Covid response and considering the future and sustainable model during this next stage.  The telephony service has been available 7 days a week 8am-8pm during the weekdays and 10am-4pm on the weekend, however the numbers of call have significantly reduced over the weekend and out of hours therefore to provide a permanent offer for the vulnerable residents of Herefordshire we will be looking to reduce the hours over the next week. 

The weekend of the 16th/17th will be the last weekend that the telephony support will be open and from the week commencing the 25th May, the bank holiday will be open 10am-4pm and from 26th May the telephony service will be available 9am-5pm Monday to Friday with the Blueschool House staff providing the telephony support.  This enables a permanent infrastructure at a time when staff are being redeployed to substantive posts and to continue to meet the demand albeit at a reduced number.

Out of hours support through Adult Social Care service remains available as well as the NHS 111 service, however the nature of the small amount of calls out of hours has not, in the majority of cases, required an urgent response.