Verge Cutting 2021

Spring has sprung and we are currently planning for this year’s verge cutting programme. As with last year we will be cutting the verges twice; our first verge cut is currently scheduled to take place around the May Bank Holiday and the second cut towards the end of the growing season towards the end of August.

Last year we had listened to feedback from many parishes who wished to have only the second verge cut in the late summer where there was a wish to encourage greater biodiversity in the verge. By having only one cut any wildflowers in the verge are given the opportunity to flower and set seed over the summer providing food for key pollinators and also habitat for wildlife.

I am pleased to communicate that we are again open to suggestions of any suitable sites in your parishes that you would like only to receive one cut on the C & U class road network in the interests of promoting and encouraging biodiversity. I am aware that some Clerks have already indicated that they wish to be included for this years programme but I would ask that you would indicate your preference in reply to this email so that I can co-ordinate the responses and help build the programme with our grounds maintenance team.

If you have any roads that you would like to nominate please can I ask that you responses are sent to Steve Grist, Parish Clerk, before Friday 9th April 2021.

Telephone: 01981 500695.

Email Steve:

Herefordshire Council’s interactive map is available at where the road name/number can be found by clicking on the line.  Alternatively interactive maps which show the parish boundaries can be found at . If you can indicate if the area should be the full length or between specified locations. If you are able to provide an annotated screenshot that would be ideal.

Safety is of paramount importance so any locations on A & B class roads cannot be considered. Visibility splays and junctions will continue to receive regular cuts though the growing season as well as our teams making reactive visits to sites that are identified through feedback to our customers services team or Locality Stewards.

Thank you,

Molly Walters

Locality Liaison Coordinator| Balfour Beatty Living Places | Herefordshire

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