Stop the drop

With the vegetation dying back over winter it’s easier to see the litter along the roads in Herefordshire.  We encourage everyone to contribute to keeping our beautiful area clear of litter and see it as an on-going effort.

Recently Herefordshire Council has initiated a Litter Pledge as part of work to try to tackle litter in the area – the information we received is below:

Last week Herefordshire Council held a Litter Stakeholder meeting for organisations, businesses, community groups and individuals who are actively working to reduce litter in the County, to ensure partnership working and to discuss the way forward.

We also launched the Litter Pledge in order to try and encourage everyone to commit to doing their bit.

There’s a litter pledge for businesses, schools, community groups and individuals and the link to the pledge is here:-

Everyone who signs the litter pledge will receive a certificate for displaying in their premises/area to encourage others to do the same and will be featured on the Herefordshire Council website.

We know that Parish Councils are very good at keeping their parishes clear of litter and many of you organise community litter picks as well. The litter pledge is a way of gaining  recognition for this. Signing up to the pledge will also demonstrate your Parish Councils’ commitment to reducing litter in your area.

We’re hoping to get 100 pledges signed in time for the Great British Spring Clean   which is over the weekend of 2-4th March 2018, and obviously many more after that.

For more information about the Stop the Drop Litter Campaign please have a look at our webpages via this link

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