As Clerk to the Parish Council I have been approached recently by a number of local residents about the old school and specifically about a recent incident that resulted in the Police attending the school. I have since contacted one of our local CPOs Dean who very helpfully informed me of the details of the incident.

It would appear that three children were seen playing in the grounds of the old school and attempting to gain entry. On arrival the Police investigated the building and found a broken window to the rear with a chair placed against the wall thereby giving access. The Police have expressed concern that whilst no one was found inside the building the conditions within could prove dangerous.

I should make it clear that the building and grounds are no longer owned either by the Parish Council or by the Jarvis Trust. They are owned by a Mr Kingholm. On behalf of the Parish Council and on behalf of yourselves as a local community I have been in contact with Mr Kingholm in two respects.

Firstly a request that the building is made completely secure. Whilst children should not be using the building as an adventure playground the building itself should be secured properly.

Secondly I am asking Mr Kingholm and his representatives to inform the Parish Council of just how they see the building and the land being developed. The school is a Grade Two listed building and is a central part of the community.

Finally, the Police have agreed to patrol the area around the school more regularly so if they are seen in the village that is certainly likely to be the reason.

Can I thank those residents who have been in contact with me and the Police for their co-operation.

Stephen Grist

Clerk : Staunton on Wye Group Parish Council

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