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I am pleased to be the bearer of good news in respect of the telephone boxes in Staunton on Wye and in Monnington on Wye. It has been confirmed that both have now been successfully adopted by the Parish Council. The telephone equipment has been removed and the power into the boxes remains. Clearly there is a lot of work that needs to be undertaken to bring the boxes up to their former glory. The first being that the vegetation that is growing around and partially inside the boxes  needs to be cut back. Is there anyone out there that could volunteer to undertake this task. Obviously at a later stage I will be looking for cleaners and painters but we need to undertake this step by step. If you are interested please contact me directly on my e-mail address or my mobile 07818 087255.


Given the current situation in respect of Covid-19 it has been difficult for your Parish Council to conduct  business in anything approaching the usual manner. I have had to rely on ‘phone calls and e-mails and no face to face contact through the usual meetings. That has led to some misunderstandings as to what business the Parish Council is conducting and just what business it should be involved in. To clarify the situation I have spoken with the Chairman of the Parish Council and we have agreed that I communicate with villagers through the website and the Signal. That I keep you informed of those areas of business that the Parish Council is dealing with officially and that I am a contact point for anyone wishing to raise business with the Parish Council or to make comment. Can we see how that goes.


I know that local residents are incredibly grateful to Nick Price and to the staff at Oakchurch. Through their incredibly hard work people have been kept supplied with all their main requirements. I find it quite remarkable that all this has been achieved with amazing good humour on the part of Nick and his staff. So thank you all.

Stephen Grist

Clerk : Staunton on Wye Group Parish Council

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