It has now been three months , since the 4th July , that the Playground in Staunton on Wye was re-opened following closure due to the Corona-19 virus. At the time I wrote a piece to residents asking that users of the playground treat the equipment with care and to ensure that they took their rubbish home and also to provide their own sanitizers and wipes for their children. In this manner we could all ensure as safe an environment as possible for our children.

Can I thank you for your co-operation and for the way in which this has worked.

However, can I bring to your attention comments that I have received regarding pieces of wood and metal that have been found lying both in the Playground and upon the football pitch. These items are sharp and could cause injury should a child fall upon them. I hope that I am correct in assuming that these items have fallen there accidentally however should this be a continual occurrence it would have to be treated as non-accidental. Please keep your eyes open for any items that may place a child at risk. The last thing that your Parish Council would wish is to undertake another closure.

Stephen Grist

Clerk : Staunton on Wye Group Parish Council

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