Brobury Gardens Open for Daily Exercise

Brobury House Gardens

Keith and Pru are pleased to offer our gardens to residents of Brobury & Bredwardine to use for their daily exercise from tomorrow, Friday 24th April – No charge, but if you wish, make a donation to Weobley & Staunton Surgery in the Donation Box. – Open 10 am – 4.00 pm Monday to Saturday  Closed Sundays.– The Car Park is closed. Please walk here if you can. If not, please park your car in the council lay-by opposite our railings.   Do bring a picnic and your dogs, but dogs must be kept on leads at all times..A dog poo bin is  just inside the Car Park.- The Garden Entrance is half way down the drive, on the left, through the yew arch.- Take a Brochure and Map from the entrance box.- Please respect family privacy adjacent to the houses and keep 6 feet from anyone you meet.

Closure of Play Parks


In order to protect the public from the threat of COVID-19, Herefordshire Council has taken the decision to close ALL public play areas from Monday 23 March 2020 until further notice. The decision has been taken due to the unprecedented threat to Public Health posed by the outbreak of COVID-19.

Closing Play Areas will support the recommendations of national government for people to avoid places where people will, as a result of the natural use of Play Areas particularly by children and parents, congregate in a way that is contrary to the recommendations of national government in regard to social distancing.

Please follow government advice by avoiding gatherings and maintaining social distancing.

Planning application

A planning application has been received (200928) for installation of a package sewage treatment plant and discharge to the nearby road gully – details can be found here.

Representations can be made via the Herefordshire Council website and are requested by 24 April 2020

Churches Closed

The Church of England has decided that with immediate effect all Churches should be kept locked.

Staunton on Wye Children’s Playground Closed

In accordance with Herefordshire Council Coronavirus guidelines, passed down from central government, the Parish Council have closed the children’s play area until further notice.

Any queries to the Parish Clerk Steve Grist on 01981 500695.

Council Letter about Recent Flood Damage to Roads and Drainage

Email ref Coronavirus – Herefordshire CC Chief Executive (13/3/20)

Dear Colleague,

You are all fully aware of the global response to the pandemic coronavirus, known as Covid19. I am focused on Herefordshire Council staff and our services – how we are best able to protect both. Please be assured we have existing plans and protocols in place to cope with pandemic flu and in recent weeks and days we have been planning for the impact of coronavirus on us all.

None of us have experienced anything quite like this impact on normal life and for the vast majority, coronavirus will not be a serious illness. However, for a small number of people, this virus could be deadly. The essential thing that we should all be doing now and for the foreseeable future is to be extremely hygienic. Please observe the notices around our buildings and wash your hands for longer, more frequently – starting with when you enter a place of work and before eating, and always when leaving toilets. It remains a really important part of this hygiene control, that we all learn not to touch our faces with our hands to avoid ingesting the virus. It’s not easy, but it’s important.

I am also announcing temporary protocols for three important areas during this response, to help delay and limit the spread of coronavirus in Herefordshire, effective from Monday 16th March;

  1. Working from Home

Whilst the vast majority will not be very ill from the disease, a more vulnerable group is those who have a serious underlying health condition. A number of our staff have underlying serious health conditions. Those employees with underlying serious health conditions whose immunity to a virus is likely to be reduced should begin to work remotely/ from home. This will be until further notice. If you are unclear about your serious health condition and if your immunity is likely to be affected, you should consult your GP or call NHS 111. You should advise your line manager of your situation on the first day of home-working. You should discuss with your line manager, if you are not home-working enabled (e.g. with a laptop).

2. Meeting and travel

This follows national guidance on safe distances. Where possible or necessary, meetings can be carried out using conference calls, webex or through emails, or over the phone. Meetings with external groups in other locations, on behalf of Herefordshire Council, should wherever possible be done through conference calls or through webex, emails or over the phone. Internal meetings should only take place in a well ventilated room or place, and where those in the meeting are able to maintain a distance of 2 metres apart. Non-essential travel to meetings, seminars, conferences should be avoided should be avoided wherever possible, especially out of the county. You should discuss with your line manager to be clear about any changed plans, or what may be ‘non-essential’.

  • Public Meetings

I am advising that public meetings should be postponed, cancelled or held in an alternative way to physical meetings – unless they can be conducted within the guideline of meeting in a well ventilated room or place, and where all those in the meeting are able to maintain a distance of 2 metres apart. This follows national guidance on safe distances. This is to be determined by the chair and vice-chair representing each meeting, recognizing the above advice and the potential for significant numbers of people to be unable to attend. Where possible or necessary, meetings might be carried out using conference calls, webex or through emails, or phonecalls. Public meetings with external groups in other locations, on behalf of Herefordshire Council, should be postponed, cancelled or conducted through conference calls or through webex, emails or phonecalls.

The above protocols are designed to ensure that we minimise the impact of coronavirus on our council, our staff and our councillors, whilst continuing to maintain operations and functions. They will inevitable cause us all to adapt, and this is unavoidable. We will in the days ahead clarify how decision-making will be conducted if meetings are not possible, and we will advise on this.

Our intranet carries the most up to date information on coronavirus. Please be sure to look at this regularly as we will be placing all updated plans on this intranet page.

I will keep in touch with staff and councillors in the days ahead with updates on our plans and planned actions.

Keep well,

Kind regards,


Alistair Neill

Chief Executive

Herefordshire Council

Flood Damage Inspections

Following the flooding events of the last few days I have spoken with the appropriate Officers at Herefordshire Council this morning. They have confirmed that there is currently a team visiting those homes that have suffered flooding in Staunton on Wye , Monnington on Wye and Letton. The team is aware of the flooding in Little London , World’s End and Monnington on Wye.

I have agreed to co-ordinate names and contact details of any families that may have been flooded in order that the County Council may provide any information regarding possible assistance and/or possible compensation.

I am happy to take details of flooded homes and pass them onto the appropriate County Council if so required.


Stephen Grist

Clerk : Staunton on Wye Group Parish Council

Planning Red Ley, Letton

A planning application has been made for Red Ley, Letton.

Reconvened Parish Council Meeting

23rd March, Staunton Village Hall, 7.30pm