New Planning Consultation – Deadline 4/8/22

APPLICATION NO & SITE ADDRESS: Planning Consultation – 222195 – Monnington House, Monnington
Lane, Monnington On Wye, HR4 7NL

DESCRIPTION: Proposed conversion of disused outbuildings into domestic dwelling and function room.
APPLICANT(S): Mr H Pearson-Gregory
GRID REF: OS 337051, 243713
WEBSITE LINK: Planning Permission

Please note: Due the high caseloads currently being held by officers we are currently allocating
new applications to officers on a capacity basis. This application is currently in a holding pile
awaiting the allocation of an officer in the interim please respond using the online comments

However, if you are requesting an extension of time in which to make comments, in due course a
site visit will be carried out and an appropriate notice erected. Once the site notice has been
erected a further 21 day consultation period will be given following the date of the notice is
erected therefore before requesting an extension of time you might want to check the website for
the current consultation end date. Any requests for extension of time should be emailed to and someone will assess your request.

We have received an application which affects your Parish. The application is described above and we
are seeking the comments or views of your Parish Council. If the land concerned is on or near the parish
boundary, we consult both councils as a matter of courtesy and welcome local views.

The planning application and its supporting documentation can be viewed, normally within 24 hours, by
using the website link above and entering the application number 222195.

If you wish to make comments which you would like the Council to take into account before making a
decision on the application, please respond by 04/08/2022 If you do not respond by this date it will be
assumed that you have no comments to make.

You will be able to monitor the progress of the application, including all of the correspondence received,
any amended or additional documentation, the officer report and the decision by viewing the application
on the Council’s website.

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