New Planning Application – Deadline 26.1.22

APPLICATION NO & SITE ADDRESS: Planning Consultation – 213589 – Land at, Jarvis Close, Staunton-
on-Wye, Herefordshire, HR4 7NF


T1: Western red cedar row x approx 5 – raise the crowns on all trees to the height of approx 2m.

T2: Goat Willow and Silver Birch fell to leave as near ground level as possible poison the GW stump.

T3: Goat Willow – repollard back to the original pollard points.

APPLICANT(S): Jarvis Charity
GRID REF: OS 336452, 245010
APPLICATION TYPE: Works to Trees in a Conservation Area

We have received an application which affects your Parish. The application is described above and we
are seeking the comments or views of your Parish Council. If the land concerned is on or near the parish
boundary, we consult both councils as a matter of courtesy and welcome local views.

The planning application and its supporting documentation can be viewed, normally within 24 hours, by
using the website link above and entering the application number 213589.

If you wish to make comments which you would like the Council to take into account before making a
decision on the application, please respond by 26/01/2022. If you do not respond by this date it will be
assumed that you have no comments to make.

You will be able to monitor the progress of the application, including all of the correspondence received,
any amended or additional documentation, the officer report and the decision by viewing the application
on the Council’s website.

Yours faithfully

Herefordshire County Council

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