Minutes of Staunton Parish Council Meeting


Minutes of the Group Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 6th DECEMBER 2021 in the Village Hall , Staunton on Wye.

Present – N Sellar ( Chairman ) , A Andrews , S Williams . R Skyrme, E Pearson-Gregory.

There were two members of the public present in attendance.

1. Apologies for absence – P Dyke, N Kinsey , P Pantall , J Nelson .

2. Declarations of Interest – No declarations of interest were received.

3. Minutes of meeting held on the 27th September 2021 – The Minutes were agreed and signed as a true and accurate record of that meeting.

4. Matters Arising – There were no matters arising other than those matters already listed on the Agenda for discussion.

5. Report from Councillor Jones – Councillor Jones had presented his apologies for the meeting that night , thereby there was no verbal or written report submitted to the meeting.

6. Planning Matters –

213495 – NEW HOUSE FARM – The Clerk had informed Planning Services of the Parish Council objection and their concerns to this submission.

212930 – THE ARK , STAUNTON ON WYE – There were no objections to this application n’or any form of submissions requested. 

7. Playing Field – The meeting was informed that all the repairs to the play equipment had been carried out and the new layer of bark put in place. However concern was raised regarding the chains on some of the equipment that required replacing. Mr S Williams agreed to check their condition and to report back to the Parish Council.

It was further agreed that the recently installed fencing required repair just behind the goal posts and nets should be priced up for the goal posts to stop balls hitting that element of fencing.

8. Highway Matters –  The meeting was informed that the Clerk had not been able to make contact with the current landlord at the Swan in Letton, however it was now understood that the public house was up for sale and that thereby there would be a change of owner / manager.

The Clerk was asked to pursue a meeting between the Parish Council, the County Council and representatives of the Primary School to discuss the imposition of a 20mph speed limit at the road junction outside the school and surgery. The Clerk agreed to pursue this issue with Cllr Jones.

It was further agreed that Cllr Jones be requested to arrange a meeting with Balfour Beatty and the Parish Council to consider the state of the potholes specifically at the Wren’s Nest and also the siting of salt / grit bins.

Concern was expressed that there had been no response to Mr Nelson’s views and recommendations regarding local signage in Staunton on Wye. The Parish Council will receive an update at the next meeting.

9. Parish Council Website – The Clerk informed the meeting that he would be meeting with J Nelson and P Dyke at some point in the future to set out the future usage of the website.

10. Defibrillator – As reported at the last Parish Council meeting the defibrillator pads have been purchased and fitted.

11. Footpaths – It was agreed that J Nelson would produce and submit a Footpath’s report at a later Parish Council meeting. It was further agreed that it would be appropriate to nominate J Nelson as the Parish Council Footpath’s Officer and that his work be appropriately supported by the Parish Council.

12, General Correspondence – An item had been received regarding a request for a donation from the Parish Council for a bench to be sited in the village in honour of our past Chairman Mr A Powles. A donation of £200 was agreed. The Clerk informed the meeting that he had taken legal advice on this matter and such expenditure was legally acceptable for a Parish Council. It was agreed that the bench should be owned and sited by the Village Hall Committee.

13. Finance – ACCOUNTS FOR 2020/2021 – The Clerk informed the meeting of the current financial situation. The proposed accounts were passed.

There was discussion in respect of the annual precept. It was unanimously agreed that a request for a 4 per cent increase in the current precept be requested which would increase the annual figure to £3850 per annum.

14 – Any Other Business –

a) – It was noted that there is now a vacancy for a Parish Councillor. The Clerk has had expression of interest from Mr J Price.  Mr Price was present at the meeting and agreed to consider the Local Authority documents of Declarations of Interest. If he felt that he was still interested in the vacant position then he would inform the Clerk prior to the next Parish Council meeting.

b) – The Clerk was requested to cost up the metal silhouette of a First World War soldier in order that the Parish Council may consider the possibility of such a placement at the local War Memorial.

c) – The Clerk was requested to cost up the replacement of a bus shelter on the base outside the Village Hall.

d) – An invitation had been received to all Parish Councillors to the next meeting of the “Hub” on the 15th December.

15 – Date of next meeting – It was agreed that the next meeting should be held on the 21st FEBRUARY 2022 at 7.30pm in the Staunton on Wye Village Hall.

The meeting concluded at 8.30pm

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