Minutes of PC Meeting 14 March 2022



Minutes of the Group Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 14th MARCH 2022 in the Village Hall, Staunton on Wye.

Present – N Sellar ( Chairman ), A Andrews, S Williams, R Skyrme, P Dyke, N Kinsey, P Pantall, J Nelson

There were two members of the public present in attendance.

1. Apologies for absence – E Pearson-Gregory

2. Declarations of Interest – No declarations of interest were received.

3. Minutes of meeting held on the 14th December 2021 – The Minutes were agreed and signed as a true and accurate record of that meeting.

4. Matters Arising – There were no matters arising other than those matters already listed on the Agenda for discussion.

5. Report from Councillor Jones – Councillor Jones had presented his apologies for the meeting and provided a written report. The Chair reported that Councillor Jones had contacted Herefordshire Council to request a meeting with their traffic engineer to discuss the safety of the school entrance at the start and end of the school day. Unfortunately he had not informed the parish council or the school and visited at a time other than the start or end of the school day. The Clerk was requested to arrange a meeting with Herefordshire Council’s traffic engineer at an appropriate time of day. A joint letter from the parish council, school and pre-school should be sent.

6. Planning Matters –

There had been no new planning applications.

7. Playing Field –Repairs to the fence have been arranged. A Andrews will arrange for the goal posts to be inspected and with the clerk arrange for a repair. The clerk has identified suitable nets. The next inspection of the playing field has been booked for September.

8. Highway Matters –  

There is water on the road at Duck Street which may have been caused by Gigaclear contractors blocking a drain. The clerk was asked to contact Balfour Beatty.

There is also standing water on Scar Lane, the clerk was asked to contact Balfour Beatty.

S Williams reported that there appears to be a problem opposite the Oakchurch entrance which is causing vehicles to lose control. He is aware of this happening on three occasions. The clerk was requested to speak to Mr Williams and then to contact Balfour Beatty.

P Pantall reported potholes on the road to the east of the village and agreed to report them on the county council website.

The sight lines are obscured by a hedge when joining the A438 at Hanmore Cross     from the village. It was suggested that the clerk should write to the occupants and ask them to cut the hedge.

J Nelson was still waiting for a response on the proposed traffic signs in the village. He hoped to be able to discuss this with the traffic engineer when a meeting was arranged.

It was proposed that speed sensor signs could be hired to encourage drivers to slow down when driving through the village. The clerk was asked to investigate the cost.

9. Parish Council Website –J Nelson and P Dyke agreed to meet the clerk and review the website and its use.

10. Defibrillator – Nothing to report

11. Footpaths –J Nelson agreed to put an article in The Signal asking for volunteers to walk part of the footpath network. The parish council will provide the volunteers with definitive maps.

12, General Correspondence –A letter had been received from the prospective owner of Florence House asking to meet the parish council to discuss renovating the property. He has been given the contact details of the appropriate officers in Herefordshire Council’s planning department.

13. Finance –  

The latest accounts were presented; there were no questions.

14 – Any Other Business –

  1. – The clerk was requested to submit the papers for J Price to confirm him as a parish councillor.
  2. It was noted that no warning signs had been erected during the recent floods and that some vehicles had become trapped. The clerk was requested to make a formal complaint.

c) –S Williams, A Andrews and N Kinsey agreed to liaise with the clerk over the size and design of a new bus shelter. Once we had a costing we will investigate funding.

d) –It was agreed that the clerk’s report was very useful and he should be asked    for a report for future meetings.

15 – Date of next meeting – It was agreed that the next meeting should be held on the 9th May 2022 at 7.30pm in the Staunton on Wye Village Hall.

The meeting concluded at 8.30pm

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