New Planning Application – The Beeches, Jarvis Close, Staunton on Wye

Planning Consultation – 211202 – The Beeches, Jarvis Close,Staunton On Wye, Hereford, Herefordshire HR4 7NG

DESCRIPTION: Reduce White Poplar and remove Leylandii due to closeproximity to garden wall and shading of orchard. Poplar will bepollarded to approximately 2M to encourage regrowth from base.Leylandii will be cut to ground level. It is assumed that it […]

Planning application

A planning application has been received (200928) for installation of a package sewage treatment plant and discharge to the nearby road gully – details can be found here.

Representations can be made via the Herefordshire Council website and are requested by 24 April 2020